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Wool Rinse For Vinegar In Warm Water
Apr 02, 2018

Some girls have dry hair without luster, and use a moisturizing shampoo will not work. After each shampoo with neutral shampoo, rinse hair with warm water with a small amount of vinegar and rinse with clean water after 20 minutes. . Slowly, the hair becomes soft, shiny, and black.


   Of course, in addition to lipid peroxides, ultraviolet radiation in the daytime, anemia, and damage to the liver can also cause skin aging. These unfavorable cosmetic factors, women should also give enough attention, vitamin E, vitamin C can effectively prevent the production of lipid peroxides, in addition to eating more vegetable oils and vegetables containing these substances, but also can be appropriate to add some of the multi-dimensional nutrients.

   External use of vinegar is generally better than rice vinegar, should not use white vinegar, because the white vinegar preparation with vinegar. "Jealous" Although many benefits, but not too much; adults daily vinegar should be 20 to 40 grams, should not exceed 100 grams; vinegar on the metabolism of calcium can not be ignored, in order to prevent osteoporosis in adult women People with the following diseases should not be jealous: stomach ulcers, cholecystitis, nephritis, hypotension, cholelithiasis, bone damage and chronic kidney disease.

    Drinking vinegar for a long period of time can easily cause corrosion and decalcification of the teeth. Therefore, when drinking vinegar, dilute with water, try to inhale directly with a straw, and rinse with water. Do not be jealous when fasting, so as to avoid excessive stomach acid and hurt the stomach; people with excessive stomach acid should not drink vinegar.

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