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Wiehe Vinegar Is Widely Used
Oct 18, 2017

Vita vinegar has been widely used in agriculture: wei he vinegar is a fine leaf surface fertilizer. Vihe vinegar has a plant protectant effect and so on. The vinegar sprayed on the vegetables has the effect of improving the quality, increasing the yield and preventing the disease.

In addition to containing more acetic acid, vinegar contains many kinds of compounds such as amino acids and glycerol. These substances after spraying on vegetable leaves, can be absorbed into the plant, increase nutrition, accelerating the formation of chlorophyll, increase photosynthesis, metabolic activity and promote vegetables, improve absorptive capacity of vegetables and resistance, make the vegetables thrive, quality improvement. The vegetable surface is acidic, so it can kill or inhibit the growth of the disease.


The effect of 200 times of the vinegar solution on the soft rot of Chinese cabbage can reach up to 65%, and the anti-effect of tomato virus disease can reach 56% to 74%. The effect of 300 times of the vinegar solution on chilli virus disease was 64% to 90%, and the protection of the aphids could be up to 47% after one day. In addition, the combination of vinegar and quick kill can increase the efficacy of these two pesticides by 10%.

Because of the variety of natural ingredients unique to vinaigrette, it plays an important role in People's Daily life.

Jiujiuling vinegar and ordinary vinegar have been used as a condiment for thousands of years. It has been proved to be effective as a condiment for human diseases.

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