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What Is The Most Health To Eat In Winter?
Oct 30, 2017

Vinegar bubble ginger is a common way of health in life, vinegar bubble ginger effect is the stomach, and can prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases, change the Yang qi of the human body. Vinegar bubble ginger can also promote the blood circulation of the body, improve the cold and strengthen the body's resistance. It has certain effect to treat arthritis, should be more edible vinegar bubble ginger, but ginger is most suitable to eat in the morning, other time is not suitable to eat.

Suggestion: use the quality Chen vinegar 500ml (such as the 99th age wei he vinegar), old ginger 100g. Pour the vinegar into a covered container, wash and slice the ginger, put it in vinegar and soak for 2 days. Efficacy, the stomach cold person eats the ginger 2~3 times every day, 2~3 tablets each time, 5 days is a course of treatment. Vinegar pickled ginger can cure stomach cold. Vinegar bubble ginger has the effect of reducing blood fat, promoting blood circulation, curing cold and cold, and increasing the resistance.


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