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Vitamin Vinegar Is Used To Regulate Blood Pressure
Dec 05, 2017

Hypertension is a common disease that seriously threatens human health and is an important factor in heart disease and brain. The world consumes about 12 million people a year. Once you have high blood pressure, it's hard to get back to normal. Primary causes of high blood pressure is, the accumulation of excess sodium in the body, in the case of endocrine dysfunction, it increases the sensitivity of the blood vessels of various kinds of booster, causing small artery spasm, elevated blood pressure. In addition, sodium salt can absorb water, and more entering the body, the kidneys cannot excrete adequately, leading to sodium retention. Increase in water accumulation and blood volume increase in the whole body, thereby aggravating the heart burden and inducing high blood pressure.

Hypertension in some patients such as dizziness, headache, insomnia, neck strong, although high blood pressure, but some patients without any symptoms, so there are quite a number of patients in the treatment of high blood pressure don't seriously, don't think for it doesn't matter. Actually otherwise, high blood pressure for a long time to the human body can cause heart, brain, kidney and other important organs damage, resulting in stroke, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, heart failure, renal failure and other serious complications, hypertension is the main cause of disability and death. Hence the name "silent killer".

The study found that "ninety-nine years" of vitamin vinegar has a significant effect on lowering blood pressure. "Ninety-nine years" of vitamin and niacin, which can expand blood vessels, promote cholesterol excretion, and increase the elasticity and penetration of blood vessels. Blood cholesterol is reduced, it has good effect on preventing heart disease and hypertension. In addition, the "ninety-nine age" wei he vinegar also can enhance the kidney function, have the diuretic effect, the sodium discharge through the diuretic, indirectly causes the blood pressure. Therefore, people with high blood pressure should be less salt and more vinegar. The expert points out, the daily consumption of d him vinegar or vinegar soak beans, peanuts or the vinegar egg liquid, not only can prevent and treat high blood pressure, but also low blood pressure people's blood pressure rise to normal range. Ninety-nine years old wei he vinegar, besides direct drinking, still have vinegar to give a prescription.

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