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Vinegar Therapeutic Effect
Sep 25, 2018

Vinegar therapeutic effect

The vinegar tastes bitter, warm, and enters the liver and stomach.

Have the effect of dilating, stopping bleeding, detoxification, and killing insects;

Indications postpartum blood dizziness, jaundice, yellow sweat, vomiting blood, blood stasis, blood in the stool, hemorrhoids swelling, but also fish poison.

Black vinegar practice guide:

1. After eating dumplings, vinegar or more vinegar, you should rinse your mouth to protect your teeth.

2. When cooking, the best time to add vinegar is at both ends, that is, immediately after the raw materials are put into the pot, add vinegar and the vinegar should be added before the pot. The first time should be more, the second time should be less;

3. Vinegar can be used to remove the greasy raw materials, such as cooking aquatic products or belly, intestines, heart, etc., to eliminate the odor and odor, and to smear some scented raw materials with vinegar in advance;

4. Vinegar is used to cook bone-bearing raw materials, such as pork ribs and fish, which can soften the bone spurs, promote the dissolution of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus in the bone, and increase nutrients.

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