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Vinegar Beauty Secrets
Nov 22, 2016

Here are several to use vinegar beauty Tip:

First, the rough skin tender

1-2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and honey and warm water and then drunk, two or three times a day, taking effect is very good.

SOAP after washing face, add a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar warm water, then wash with water, beautiful skin effect.

Balsamic vinegar mixed with Glycerin 5 5, rub the skin. The skin becomes moist and smooth.

Second, the Hypopigmentation of skin

Dark skin women, wash your face, add a little vinegar in the water in the shower, and adhere to the skin turns white for a long time. Note to wash, do not let the vinegar water into the eyes.

Fresh beans, 250 g, leaching of balsamic vinegar (is subject to immersion) after half a month, 5~10 grain vinegar soy beans every day.

Barley 250 grams, immersed in 500 ml of vinegar, sealed after 10 days enabled. A spoonful of vinegar a day fluid.

Carrot, cucumber, cabbage, squash, cabbage, washed, put a little salt, compaction, and 6 hours later, balsamic vinegar salad meal. Eat to the effect of decreased pigmentation of the face.

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