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The Following Points Should Be Taken When Taking Jiujiu Vita Vinegar
May 07, 2018

The following points should be taken when taking Jiujiu Vita vinegar:

(1) Use a needle to tie the vinegar pot with a small eye, can squeeze out on the line, do not make too much, because this vinegar has active probiotics, biguanides, active VC, if evaporation loss will greatly reduce the conditioning effect.

(2) After finishing the eye, do not pour it out, drink it, etc., and immediately close the small mouth with a plastic wrap and screw it tightly. The plastic wrap must be replaced in five days. It must be done.

(3) If the heart is not good, one must drink from five milliliters, and gradually increase the amount after three days not exceed 20 milliliters. There are exceptions for special circumstances. Those who have a bad stomach drink after a meal, and those who have gastric acid reflux drink against honey.

(4) Do not drink too much vinegar cups, with 10 times the water, water temperature is maintained at 20-30 degrees Do not be too hot and easy to burn active enzymes, so as to avoid failure, after drinking vinegar water to add a cup of warm water to facilitate the small vinegar The molecules are better detoxified and absorbed to improve efficacy.

(5) All people who drink vinegar will have different reactions (such as leg swelling, fever, dizziness, headache, palpitation, nausea, etc.). Each person's body has different conditioning and different reactions. Don't be afraid to continue. Take it.

(6) Every person who starts to drink vinegar must carefully read about the conditioning response and be aware of it.

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