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Sweet Peony Wine Vinegar Before Wine
Nov 29, 2017

D him vinegar jiujiu age based on the theories of traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern life science, with rich nutrition, non-polluting high-quality millet in the western region, efficient biological active enzyme as the main raw material, in the traditional process, basically is produced with national patent technology of a new generation of pure natural green food. Unique l-aa (active VC) vitality factor and human body must have many kinds of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. In 1991, the national invention patent (patent no. : ZL90102414X) was confirmed by human and animal tests of the ministry of health in 1996. It can effectively block the synthesis and regulation of the carcinogen nitrosamine in the synthesis and regulation of blood fat. It was first approved by the ministry of health in the same year as the only health care food for health food (996) no. 053. Jiujiu weihe vinegar is a good health drink, which can not only cure the liver, but also drink more and strengthen the body, air and health. According to the diet spectrum, vinegar can "nourish the stomach, nourishing the liver, stiffening, warm bone, decanting and eating... ".

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