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Several Reactions After Eating Health Vinegar
Sep 10, 2018

Several reactions after eating "health vinegar":

1, diarrhea, indicating that the intestinal harmful bacteria, the humidity is large, the spleen and stomach is not good.

2, fart more, indicating intestinal hypoxia

3, stomach swelling, indicating more turbidity in the body

4, no row, indicating that there are fewer probiotics in the intestine, and the intestinal dry or nutrient deficiency is all absorbed.

Better response (diagnosis reaction) explanation

1, very tired, want to sleep, fart - dissolve blood, body fat, cholesterol, chemicals, western medicine, blood is turbid

  2, body heat, fever (also have body sweating, no fever) - readjust the immune system

  3, constipation - regulate the function of the large intestine

  4, diarrhea - regulate the function of the small intestine or discharge intestinal deposits

  5, diarrhea (water stool) - discharge water in the body, intestine

  6. Sudden insomnia or sleep is rarely awake, but there is no sleepiness or drowsiness, and it is not tired. Adjust the state of nervousness or nervousness.

  7, any part of the body sores, sometimes with pus (with bacteria), skin rash, some itchy, some will not itch - the body excretes blood toxins

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