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Raw Vinegar Should Be Color
Oct 10, 2017

Raw Vinegar Should be color

High quality soy sauce: pour into the colorless cup, the light to see, its reddish brown or tan, bright. Pour the white porcelain bowl, juice consistency consistent, and then poured out of the bowl wall attached to a layer of soy sauce. There are aroma, taste taste, salty and sweet taste.

Poor: brown, liquid dull light, thin juice, visible light and sediment, light aroma, taste on the acid, bitter, astringent, coke, musty.

High-quality vinegar: with a color (such as smoked vinegar for the brown or dark brown, white vinegar is colorless and transparent), shiny, aroma (for the smoked vinegar, incense vinegar total), sour soft, long aftertaste, No precipitation of suspended solids and moldy floating film.

Poor: light color, hair black, no fragrance, taste thin, in addition to sour there are obvious bitter taste, there are precipitation or suspended matter.

Preserved vinegar: Glacial acetic acid watered. Desirable 2 ml in the test tube with potassium permanganate 0.5 ml stir well, potassium permanganate fade is true, otherwise false. Appearance color light, open bottle of acid gas red eyes, no fragrance, taste thin, in addition to sour there are obvious bitter taste, often precipitation or suspended matter.

Quality MSG: take a small amount on the tongue, feel cold, delicious, fish flavor; from the appearance point of view, the same particle shape, color white shiny, loose particles.

Poor quality: different sizes of particles, color hair black, yellow, and even particles into a group.

Adulteration: taste savory than flavor, is mixed with salt; if bitter taste is mixed with magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate; sweet is mixed with sugar; difficult to melt and cold slippery sticky feeling is mixed with cassava powder or gypsum powder. Vinegar itself contains beneficial nutrients to the human body, such as 18 kinds of synthetic protein amino acids, glucose, fructose, maltose and rich inorganic elements (such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc.), are essential ingredients in the body metabolism process. Peking Union Medical College Hospital, chief physician Professor Yu Kang said that the amount of jealous has four major benefits.

Vinegar can mention taste, increase appetite

Vinegar in the regulation of appetite has a certain role, the simplest seasoning method is to use vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and other salad dishes. In the meal before eating some vinegar mixed vegetables, poor appetite for people have a better appetizer. Especially for patients with chronic diseases and taste degradation of the elderly, the vinegar can change their poor appetite, the effect is more obvious.

In addition, vinegar can stimulate gastric acid secretion, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting digestion. Vinegar is very helpful for people with less stomach acid secretion, but people with normal gastrointestinal function do not need to promote digestion by drinking vinegar.

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