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Raw Vinegar Seasoning Effect
Jul 13, 2017

Raw Vinegar Seasoning effect

Vinegar what role ?? As the saying goes: open seven things, wood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea. Vinegar in which occupy a certain position. The benefits of vinegar are increasingly known, but many of its uses are little known. Vinegar in life there are many uses: (a) seasoning effect: people cooking dishes in the lack of vinegar, vinegar can increase the fresh dishes, sweet, fragrant and other flavor. In the course of cooking food add some vinegar, can protect the food in the vitamin C is not reduced and destroyed, because vitamin C in a weak acid environment is relatively stable, vinegar has destroyed the role of ascorbic acid, and thus save the vitamin C is not destroyed The So add some vinegar when cooking, not only make the dishes crisp and delicious, but also to protect their nutrients. Such as fried green bean sprouts can make bean sprouts crisp and delicious, but also save vitamin C less affected by the loss. In the fish, such as sweet and sour fish, crisp fish and vinegar, not only can remove the smell, increase the flavor, but also to soften the fishbone, is conducive to the absorption of calcium. Stewed beef, lamb when put vinegar, make the meat easy to boil delicious. Eat kelp, first put a few drops of vinegar in the water to cook about, kelp variable soft and delicious, eat greasy food, add some vinegar or dipped in vinegar can reduce the greasy feeling. Vinegar also reduce the role of salty, such as salty food can add some vinegar can reduce the salty taste. Vinegar and more potassium, in the human body is conducive to the more of the sodium discharge. (B) the role of disease prevention: vinegar appetizer, increase appetite, digestion of the role. And can promote the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, to help digestion and absorption, so that appetite strong. In the hot summer appetite, the use of vinegar to adjust the cold dishes, not only delicious delicious appetite, to help digestion, there is a good antibacterial and bactericidal effect, play a role in the prevention of intestinal diseases. Winter and spring is the epidemic of influenza and respiratory diseases of the epidemic season, such as the vinegar put the container, the furnace in the fire on the smoked house, but also a better control effect. Because of vinegar acetic acid has a very good antibacterial and bactericidal effect, bacteria and acidic environment is not easy to survive. Such as Streptococcus aureus, Casecoccus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, influenza viruses and other pathogens, vinegar can inhibit and kill them. "Vinegar egg", "vinegar bubble rock sugar" and "vinegar bubble peanuts" daily adhere to the consumption, it is a cardiovascular prescription, can soften the blood vessels, but also reduce the role of cholesterol, but also a middle-aged Health care to share. (3) medicinal value: Li Shizhen "Compendium of Materia Medica" "acid temperature. Scattered drug poisoning, under the gas digestion ... ... less drink and blood line gas ... ..." According to Chinese medicine, roundworm "acid is" To the gastrointestinal colic. Acute nephritis, limit salt, eat salt or low salt contains, if the cooking when the vinegar, do more sweet and sour dishes, can increase appetite. Vinegar is also used for drunk sobering, vinegar in the role of wine to produce ethyl acetate, thereby reducing the concentration of alcohol in the gastrointestinal tract and blood and play a role in sobering. In addition, the folk prescription commonly used vinegar treatment of mumps, body ringworm, onychomycosis, intestinal roundworm, poisonous insect bites and so have a certain effect. Vinegar not only as a drug primer application, but also for the traditional Chinese medicine such as vinegar moxibustion to improve drug performance, increase efficacy. (D) other magical: 10 minutes before the slaughter of chickens and ducks, give it a teaspoon of vinegar, so slaughtered after the fade and fast and net. Home cooking wok use of the course of time will appear dark and greasy dirt, then wipes can be wiped with some vinegar to scrub, it will be bright as ever. If you feel tired on the road, you can add some vinegar in the bath, after bath quite comfortable, conducive to the elimination of fatigue. If you sleep at night, before going to bed, with a cup of cold water washed a teaspoon vinegar drink can prompt to fall asleep in time. If the road in the way of motion sickness seasickness, but also before the start to drink a cup of vinegar boiling water, can reduce dizziness

 Here are several ways to use vinegar beauty: 1. With the supermarket to buy fruit vinegar / is concentrated type ah. If you feel a little vinegar can put some honey. Every time you drink with cool white tune. The effect is very good. Friends and colleagues say that my skin is delicate. I only drank for a week ah. I personally feel the skin really good. And white. 2. Also I read the newspaper and magazines that fresh eggs with white vinegar bubble, must Fresh ah. And to be clean can be soaked. White vinegar supermarket on sale. To bubble for a month. I bought the glass cans in the supermarket to soak it. Remember to soak for a month. Bubao, you can drink every time When the water put a little red drink. Can rejuvenate. And then can cure high blood pressure and insomnia. Very effective.

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