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Primary Use Of 99-age Vinaigrette Vinegar (3)
Nov 27, 2017

Nine years of age of vitamin vinegar contains A variety of organic acids, A variety of amino acids, vitamins A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, bifidogenes, zinc, magnesium, iron and so on. It has antibacterial, prevent colds, cholesterol, prevention, rehabilitation of diabetes, cancer anticancer, regulating blood lipid, regulating blood pressure, runchang purge, weight loss, beauty, hangovers, protect liver to protect liver and prevent motion sickness unique efficacy.

11. Beauty delaying aging:

As the growth of the age, the body lipid peroxide (also known as the human body rust) will continue to increase, leading to cell function cannot play normally, when excessive lipid peroxide in the body, will and the body material combination, generate toxic materials. Vitreous vinegar has not only inhibitory effect on lipid peroxide, but also the function of reducing its formation. Therefore, long-term use of vitamin vinegar can not only reduce the skin pigmentation, but also has the effect of delaying aging. In addition, the dimension of his vinegar acetic acid, lactic acid, amino acid, glycerol and aldehyde compounds, such as to a person's skin have the gentle stimulation, can cause the blood vessels, increase the skin blood circulation, make the skin moist and smooth. The study also found that superoxide dismutase (SOD) can eliminate the free radicals that cause the aging of human cells.


Wine with vinegar is a familiar common sense. Vito vinegar can counteract and inhibit the effects of alcohol. Increase gastric juice secretion, expand blood vessel, facilitate blood circulation, improve liver metabolism function, enhance kidney function, accelerate diuresis, promote alcohol from the body rapid discharge.

13. Prevention of motion sickness:

Carsick people take vinaigrette vinegar to prevent motion sickness.

14. Prevention of calculi disease:

Wei he vinegar has the function of diuretic, soluble stone, discharge stone. It can not only make urinary retention, but also prevent kidney stones, bladder stones, urinary stones and gallstones. Most of the stones are calcium oxalate, calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate. Vinacin can enhance the function of the kidney and has a diuretic effect. The citric acid and acetic acid can significantly increase the solubility of calcium oxalate and prevent the crystallization of calcium oxalate in urine. As a result, vinaigrette vinegar can be diuretic, preventing the formation of lithiasis.

Improve constipation

Experts believe that drinking more vinaigrette vinegar at ordinary times can improve gastrointestinal function and prevent constipation. Jiujiu age d him vinegar rich in bifidogenic factors of harmful bacteria such as e. coli) has the effect of restrain the breeding, the beneficial bacteria (such as bifidobacterium, lactobacillus, etc.) has the effect of promoting its rapid propagation, long-term drinking can not only aperient, detoxification, and can recuperate intestines and stomach.

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