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Nutritive Value Of Raw And Raw Vinegar Raw Materials
Oct 31, 2017

Mulberry is rich in active protein, vitamin c, amino acid, mineral, anthocyanin etc. Eating mulberry from pregnant women can promote the growth of red blood cells and prevent the loss of white blood cells. Often eating mulberry can alleviate dry eyes and improve blood supply to the skin.

Mulberry has black and white, fresh food with purple black to complement. Because the mulberry vitamin content is very high, and taste sweet and juicy, be more suitable to eat. So, eat mulberry in moderation. Mulberry taste, micro cold, Yin blood, runchang purge, containing glucose, fructose, tannic acid, vitamin B, vitamin C and other ingredients, as long as clean, can be appropriate to eat some but because of the small cold, don't eat too much.

Mulberry contains more trypsin inhibitor - tannic acid, which affects the absorption of iron, calcium, zinc and other substances. The body deficiency is unfit to eat, and has the diabetic fast mulberry.

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