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Mulberry Vinegar Material
Jun 13, 2018


Mulberry 6 pounds sorghum vinegar 700cc20 cans of rock sugar 3 kg barley glutinous rice vinegar 1200cc

Mulberry vinegar12.jpg


After organic mulberries are bought home, it is best to do them as soon as possible or to spoil them easily.

Rinse, drain, dry, and dry, no water (32 cans)

After about 600cc of rice vinegar is poured into a pot, the mulberry is slowly washed and drained in batches (a basket is washed with 600cc)

Mulberry vinegar.jpg

After adding mulberry, add crystal sugar and finally pour sorghum vinegar to about 9 minutes (canned rock will not be floating and moldy if pressed by mulberry)

After about 3 months, it can be opened for consumption (half a year to one year is the best taste period)

Bottling preservation ~ summer can be added to ice or refrigerator, ice cold cool drink

Mulberry vinegar juice diluted 1 to 10 (concentration is self-adjusted)

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