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Mashed Potatoes And Rice Vinegar To Treat Mumps
Apr 10, 2018

Material: Potato, rice vinegar

Burns: Wash the potatoes first, place in boiling water and cook for 20 minutes, and then peel off the skin of the same size as the wound and apply it to the wound surface. Then use sterile gauze and bandages to fix it. Or rub the affected area with potatoes, 3 to 5 times a day.

Mumps: A potato, smashed, a few drops of rice vinegar, stir, and frequently applied to the affected area.

Eczema: Apply appropriate amount of peeled potatoes to the affected area and rub it 2 or 3 times a day until it heals.

Hands and feet chapped: one potato, peeled and smashed after cooking, add a little Vaseline and mix thoroughly, coated the affected area 1 to 3 times a day, can be more than a few days.

Induration after intramuscular injection: The potatoes are washed, cut into pieces, covered with potato chips on the induration, fixed with a tape, and removed after 24 hours, effective for several days.

Intravenous infusion extravasation: Wash the potatoes, cut into slices, apply the affected area once a day.

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