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Main Use Of 99-age Vinaigrette Vinegar (2)
Nov 27, 2017

Nine years of age of vitamin vinegar contains A variety of organic acids, A variety of amino acids, vitamins A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, bifidogenes, zinc, magnesium, iron and so on. It has antibacterial, prevent colds, cholesterol, prevention, rehabilitation of diabetes, cancer anticancer, regulating blood lipid, regulating blood pressure, runchang purge, weight loss, beauty, hangovers, protect liver to protect liver and prevent motion sickness unique efficacy.

Vi. Regulating blood lipid:

Vitamin vinegar contains many kinds of amino acids, organic acids and special rich vitamin C and other nutrients, so it can regulate blood lipids.

Vii. Prevention of liver disease:

Vitamin vinegar contains rich amino acids, acetic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, succinic acid, vitamin and other nutrients. Long-term consumption of d him vinegar, its nutrients to be absorbed by the full conversion, conversion of the synthesis of protein has repair effect to liver tissue damage, and can improve the liver detoxification function and promote metabolism. Vizhe vinegar itself can kill the hepatitis virus, which can prevent liver disease.

8. Regulating the prevention of diabetes and disease:

Diabetes in TCM is called "collateral", "three types of diabetes disease", is caused by human body absolute or relative lack of insulin secretion and sugar, protein, fat and water, electrolyte metabolic disorder phenomenon. Long-term use of vitamin vinegar, can reduce blood sugar, and strengthen the constitution. In the folk spread with vinegar steamed chicken, the method of treating diabetes has obvious effect.

9. Anti-cancer:

In 1990, weihe vinegar was awarded the national patent for cancer prevention and cancer. D him vinegar contains amino acids, organic acids and essential trace elements and a variety of natural vitamin and so on, especially patent technology can make d he vinegar rich in large amounts of natural vitamin C, can effectively block the carcinogenic substance in the human body, the synthesis of nitrosamines, enhance the body's ability to fight cancer, can convert carcinogenic substances within the body fat into soluble substances out of the body, nonspecific lose the virus in the human body activity, thus suppressing the virus on the human body damage to normal cells, prevent diseases and to prevent cancer cells.

10. Weight loss:

Wei he vinegar can reduce fat, blood pressure, weight loss. Because d him vinegar contains amino acids in addition to led to too much body fat into energy consumption, still can make perturbation of sugar and protein metabolism, thus has good effect reducing weight.

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