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Jiuyuanwei Vinegar Helps To Absorb Calcium
Jan 15, 2018

Vinegar is not the more acidic, such as synthetic vinegar, which is vinegar made from glacial acetic acid in the market, and a small number of vinegar and balsamic vinegar added to the acetic acid, which is not only unhealthy but harmful.

Japan 栁 is Dr Kind experiment is as follows: weight is kg, respectively, to give the rabbit d he brewed vinegar, 9 ml jiujiu age respectively of brewing vinegar mixed with 2, 5, 8 into glacial acetic acid, then to the rabbit serum calcium ions determined respectively. The results showed that the serum calcium concentration reached the highest peak after 4 hours of brewing vinegar. Six hours later, the same level was maintained. However, after a bit of mixed vinegar mixed with glacial acetic acid was given to the rabbit, its serum calcium concentration decreased, indicating that the blood was acidified. When the synthesis of acetic acid was given for 6 hours, its serum calcium ions decreased significantly and the blood was acidic.

Synthetic vinegar is not so much a vinegar as a drug derived from petroleum. If harmful synthetic acetic acid is used as a brewing vinegar in daily life, it may be a cause of chronic disease and fetal malformation.

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