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Jiujiuyuan Vinegar Helps Calcium Absorption (1)
Jan 03, 2018

Vinegar can help people to absorb calcium efficiently, and everyone knows that when stews are properly added to the vinegar, the bones become soft, and even children and old people can eat them. Naturally, calcium intake has increased. Folk tales of "eating vinegar to soften the bones" may have been associated with the experience of eating fish bones, but that is not the case at all. In contrast, vinacin can promote the body's absorption of calcium, making bones strong.

Calcium and vinegar have a chemical reaction to the acetic acid, which is more beneficial to the body's absorption of calcium acetate. Biochemical research of Chinese academy of sciences researchers have done the experiment, the patients with osteoporosis rats were divided into two groups, a group of feed ordinary food, another set of feed jiujiu age d him vinegar egg, and ensure that they are same calcium. After a month, measure their skeletal strength. The results showed that the strength of the bone strength of a group of mice with vinegar eggs was high, and the reason was that the calcium acetate was more beneficial to the absorption of calcium in rats.


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