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Jiujiu Health Care Vinegar Is Now Facing The Global Investment Promotion Product Description
Nov 27, 2017

Jiujiu (group) vinegar industry health products co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise group specializing in the research and development, production and sales of health care products.

Now covers an area of 48000 square meters, construction area of 30000 square meters, staff and technical staff of more than 300 people, has health care vinegar, such as eight production lines, annual production capacity of 16000 tons, the product has health care vinegar, vinegar, fruit vinegar, soy sauce, beverage, snack food and so on six big kinds of more than 100 varieties, is the spice of China's largest production base and approved by the national health food production base.

Yang age health care vinegar using the western high quality millet as raw materials, pure and pollution-free heze temple spring water, added vitamin C, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, amino acid, cystine, amino acid, amino acid bright, make amino acid, amino acid, amino acid, tyramine acid, benzedrine acid, amino acid lai, histamine acid

Nine years of health care vinegar leading to the eight advantages of ordinary vinegar:

The Asian cancer patients' games, held in Shanghai in 1992, were designated as anti-cancer drinking vinegar and exported to 87 countries and regions.

2. In November 1996, "99 years of maintenance and vinegar" obtained the "health food approval certificate" of the ministry of health, and approved no. 053 of the first batch of 59 health products.

In June 2000, the products began to be exported to Japan in batches. The effective components of the products were confirmed by the two countries in China and Japan respectively.

In August 2001, "99 years of wirei vinegar" entered zhongnanhai.

In August, 2003, "99 years of wirei vinegar" was officially launched in Taiwan.

In 2003, the company obtained the certification of gwfi9001-2000 and SO9001:2000 international quality management system.

In 2004, "99 years of weihe vinegar" obtained GMP certification.

In 2005, "99 years old wei he vinegar" was recommended by MAO zedong's food and culture research association.

September 2012 was approved as a demonstration base for the United Nations green industry development organization.

In 2014, I was awarded CCTV's annual publicity brand.

Eleven, "99 years old wei he vinegar" has China and world export qualification certificate.

Xii. Four patents of invention approved by the People's Republic of China:

The patent number of the manufacturing method of the anti-cancer vinegar of wei he: ZL90102404.X

The patent number of the brewing process of weihe bifid vinegar: ZL2006 1001 7525.1

A kind of diet vinegar and preparation process patent number: ZL2013 1022 2959.5

Patent no. : ZL2010 1019 9553.6

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