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How Big Is The Effect Of Vinegar?
Nov 22, 2016

This looks nice, refreshing drinking vinegar is there any scientific basis? From the perspective of modern medicine and nutrition, the main component of vinegar is acetic acid and organic acids. Acetic acid to sugar and fat into energy fully to prevent the excessive accumulation of body fat, you can also soften blood vessels, lowering blood cholesterol levels; organic acid environment is conducive to maintaining the body pH balance and stability, makes a variety of metabolic and physiological functions as normal.

Vinegar can make the food of water-soluble b vitamins and the chemical structure of vitamin c is stable, easy to damage due to cooking, so as to ensure food, copper, zinc, chromium and other trace elements dissolved and absorbed. Therefore, said of fruit vinegar can be a variety of vitamins, minerals and other trace elements in reserved, is justified.

By adding different fruits and vegetables, vinegar nutrition are not the same. Apple Cider vinegar can be heart-Qi, Sheng Jin cough, stomach and spleen; tomato vinegar detoxification, liver, summer heat, thirst; Aloe vinegar inhibits cardiac arrhythmia, dilation of blood vessels, increase red blood cells as well as cancer and other effects. Drinking can be selected according to their own situation.

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