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Healthy Vinegar Wash The Digestive Tract
Aug 25, 2017

Healthy Vinegar Wash the digestive tract

Have you heard of apple cider vinegar? If not, today Xiaobian give you about it Apple cider vinegar rich in nutritional value, rich in aspartic acid, serine, tryptophan and other human amino acid components required, as well as many mineral elements, with high food and health value.

Sterilization detoxification enhance immunity

Apple vinegar contains pectin, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, its acid Chengde that can clear the softening of blood vessels, kill bacteria, enhance the body's immune and anti-virus ability to improve the digestive system, cleaning the digestive tract, help to exclude joints, blood vessels and Internal organs of the toxins, regulating endocrine, with significant reduction in blood lipids and detoxification health care function.

Beauty skin care

Apple vinegar in a large number of vitamin antioxidants to promote metabolism, whitening sterilization, desalination melanin, the rapid elimination of aging horny, add skin nutrients and moisture, blood circulation, reduce rough pores, anti-oxidation, to prevent stains, whitening, More smooth and delicate.

Help to eliminate fatigue

Apple vinegar contains rich organic acids, can promote the body's sugar metabolism, so that muscle fatigue substances such as lactic acid and acetone decomposition, thus eliminating fatigue.

Prevent colds

Apple vinegar contains a lot of amino acids, acetic acid and other rich nutrients, can improve the liver detoxification and metabolic capacity, improve the body's immune system, reduce the incidence of liver disease, and colds have a certain preventive effect, ease throat pain The

Apple sweet and sour taste delicious, excellent taste, but also with so much effect, it is worth your taste Oh! In the enjoyment of this sweet and sour, but also to our body to add enough nutrition, why not? Operation points

① raw material selection. Preparation of raw materials should be used to achieve high maturity soft fruit, remove the fermented and unripe fruit.

② cleaning. Washing raw materials before the juice is an important measure to reduce pollution, with leather juice should pay more attention. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the peel and impurities on the peel with flowing water. If necessary, rinse with potassium permanganate solution, then rinse with water.

③ beating. With beater beaten peeled, pulp with cloth wrapped juice, juice rate of up to 70% or more. Or the fruit after washing into the press juice, and then by the scraper filter filter peel, fruit seeds and some crude fiber.

④ deployment. The filtered juice is diluted with water to a refraction of 4%. And then in accordance with the 9O kg of fruit juice plus 1O kg of sugar in the proportion of deployment, stirring, so that the sugar completely melted.

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