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Health Vinegar
Sep 10, 2018

8, dry mouth, lips burst, Chinese medicine said liver fire or liver heat - a large amount of toxins discharged to the liver, the phenomenon of the liver's temporary increase in workload

  9. If you have a long-term use of western medicine, you will have ulcers or sore throats in your mouth. This is the phenomenon of removing western medicine or chemicals accumulated in the blood, liver and body.

  10, tearing - liver detoxification, repair response

  11, dizziness, headache - dissolve blood lipids or cholesterol in the blood vessels of the brain, or its own high and low blood pressure problems

  12, energetic - has started the stagnant immune cells

  13. Drowsiness - People with abnormal physiological functions or illnesses need to consume a lot of blood during detoxification, and blood is mainly produced by sleep.

  14, athlete's foot, urine protein - the phenomenon of discharge of stomach cold

  15, abdominal distension, blood in the stool, constipation, black stools, long arm acne - colonic detoxification, repair response

  16, dizziness, ear swelling in front of the ear - small bowel detoxification, repair heart response

  17. Increased blood pressure - repairing blood vessel wall and plaque detachment

  18, feeling hungry - adjusting the body's dietary response

  19, foot odor, heavy breath (bad breath) - bacterial proliferation will occur when detoxification

  20, hair loss - promote hair follicle regeneration, let newborn cells replace aging damaged hair follicle cells

  21, the rash - discharge the body's moisture, water-soluble toxins (the above reactions are all good reactions, no need to worry, can continue to eat, drink plenty of water)

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