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Fragrant Peony For The Sake Of Drinking And Protecting Liver
Nov 29, 2017

Nine-nine years of vitamin vinegar contains rich amino acids, acetic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, succinic acid, vitamin and other nutrients. After the consumption of jiujiu, the nutrient substance was absorbed and transformed, and the protein transformed into the liver tissue loss was repaired, and the liver detoxification function and metabolism were promoted. Vinegar itself can kill hepatitis virus, which can prevent liver disease.

Wine with vinegar is a familiar common sense. Vito vinegar can counteract and inhibit the effects of alcohol. Increase the secretion of gastric juice, dilate blood vessels, and good for blood circulation, so as to improve the metabolism of liver function, strengthen the function of kidney, accelerate diuresis, promote rapid discharge alcohol from the body, achieve the goal of therapy, sober.

Usage: take one at a time before the meal. If you can sing a drink, you can take one in the middle of the journey. If catch up with the wine bureau without the wine before the vinegar, can be drunk to supplement 1, still can serve to relieve the wine to protect liver, the function that raises the stomach does not have.

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