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Food Vinegar Seasoning
Sep 15, 2017

Food Vinegar Seasoning

Food vinegar is not only seasoning to share, but also has a good cosmetic effect. This is because the main ingredient of food vinegar is food acetic acid, it has a strong bactericidal effect on the skin, hair can play a very good protective effect. In addition, food vinegar is also rich in calcium, amino acids, vitamin B, lactic acid, sour acid, succinic acid, sugar, glycerol, aldehydes and some salts, these ingredients are extremely useful for the skin. With the addition of food vinegar to wash the skin, the skin can absorb some of the nutrients needed, which play a soft skin, enhance the role of skin vitality. Therefore, the use of food vinegar beauty has attracted attention in the world.

 Rough skin, the food can be vinegar and glycerol to 5: 1 ratio, mixed smear face, adhere to the day, the face will become delicate, wrinkles reduced.

 In the wash water, add a tablespoon of food vinegar, washed with water after repeated washing, but also the effect of beauty.

 With 200 ml of food vinegar 500 ml of water, heat shampoo, 1 day, to prevent hair loss, itching, dandruff effect significantly.

 If you want the fingernails and toenails bright crystal, can be added in the warm water half teaspoon of food vinegar, with its soaked fingernails or toenails, and then trim. At this point, not only easy to trim the skin, and a seam in the dirt is also easy to clear.

 Bath, you can put some food in the water vinegar bath, bath will make the muscles to relax, fatigue, skin smooth.

 For women, the food vinegar has some special effect - women want to face skin moisturizing, youth resident, the key is to reduce the body's lipid peroxidation, lipid peroxidation is not only the culprit of many diseases, but also beauty Of the nemesis. Soybeans wash the water bubble overnight, full of foam and then wash it, with a stir bar to beat raw milk (preferably do not use Soymilk, the concentration is not enough, not pressed tofu) will play a good raw milk poured in gauze, hand Squeeze out the milk

 Filtered soy milk to boil, the surface of the foam to get rid of soy milk to boil after the small fire to cook for about five minutes to cook thoroughly, boiled soy milk off the fire for 5-10 minutes, so that the temperature dropped to 80-90 degrees , When the protagonist debut, the food vinegar little evenly sprinkled into the pot, gently with a spoon to a direction of mixing, when the milk began to appear flocculent sediment and the state of separation with the water on it. Hot soy milk above a layer of papaya can not throw, that the most nutritious friends.

  After a good time to keep the insulation for 20-30 minutes, prepare a can filter the water covered with gauze, the tofu scoop into the gauze, the following remember to use a plate and then leaked water.

  The bean curd flowers paved, wrapped with gauze, and then pressed with heavy objects in order to facilitate the water out of the pressure tofu time and intensity according to personal taste to decide, like to eat tender on the less pressure for a while, the above heavy Things can be lighter; like to eat hard on more pressure for a while; the water as much as possible to pressure away, that is, tofu. Fresh tofu is best to eat as soon as possible, if not immediately eat with cold water bubble into the refrigerator to save. Food vinegar tofu is not only delicious than traditional tofu taste good, and nutritional value is also high.

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