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Food Vinegar Nutrient Composition
Oct 30, 2017

Food Vinegar Nutrient composition

Vinegar itself contains nutrients beneficial to human body, such as protein synthesis of 18 kinds of amino acids, glucose, fructose, maltose and abundant inorganic elements (such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc.) are essential components in the process of human metabolism. Professor yu kang, director of the nutrition division of Peking union hospital, said that a moderate amount of vinegar has four advantages.

Vinegar can taste and increase appetite

Vinegar plays a role in regulating appetite, and the easiest way is to use vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and other cold dishes. Eat some vinegar mixed vegetables before the meal, have a better appetizer to the person with poor appetite. In particular, the effects of vinegar can alter the poor appetite of patients with chronic diseases and the elderly who taste degraded.

In addition, vinegar also stimulates the secretion of stomach acid, so as to promote the purpose of digestion. Vinegar is helpful for people with fewer stomach acids, but people with normal digestive functions don't need to drink vinegar to improve their digestion. Soy sauce and vinegar are the most primitive and traditional condiments, which have been in China for thousands of years. But this is the kind of product that has become so rich because of some innovative elements. For example, the soy sauce is first introduced into the industry, which opens the door to the classification of soy sauce. Then, add soy sauce in consumers' cold with light soy sauce, stewed with old smoke ", from the use of soy sauce are classified and this greatly opened the space of product innovation, and at that time, dumplings iron soy sauce, soy sauce, straw mushroom sauce, seafood sauce, etc., manufacturers from the use of the product, nutrition, etc, all out, got great rich make soy sauce category. According to the introduction, the variety of soy sauce is more detailed: for example, steamed fish soy sauce contains dried shellfish, meat soy sauce is made from black beans and soybeans.

In addition to traditional rice vinegar, Chen vinegar, balsamic vinegar and white vinegar, vinegar products of various functions and flavors have been listed. For example, some of the popular dumpling vinegar in northern China has the flavor of spicy flavor, which can make the skin and meat taste more delicious. The special ginger vinegar is used to dip the crab meat, so that the natural fresh ginger flavor and crab meat complement each other, and also save yourself the trouble of chopping ginger. The health care vinegar that older people prefer to protect has been deeply rooted in the protection of the cardiovascular system. Also, garlic and vinegar, the collocation of the noodle and steamed river seafood yummy. vinegar

Vinegar is a kind of very old spice, and liquor production in a similar way, it belongs to the brewing fermentation products, currently on the market in our country there are two kinds of vinegar fermentation process, is a solid-state fermentation, a kind of liquid state fermentation. These two types of fermentation are both in the taste and nutritional value of solid fermentation vinegar.

The vinegar used in solid fermentation is mostly rice, glutinous rice and other raw materials. The rice vinegar with fermented rice vinegar has a higher nutritional value, and the vinegar which is made from grain processing by bran is worse. Vinegar is rich in organic acids, which can accelerate the secretion of gastric juice and help digestion. In addition to flavor changes in cooking, vinegar can also serve as a fresh, uncloying effect. The daily cooking chooses vinegar this kind of condiment, also can reduce the demand of salty taste, thereby reducing salt intake, the time that add vinegar to add vinegar can be reduced or not put salt.

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