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Food Vinegar Improve The Immunity
Oct 10, 2017

Food Vinegar Improve the immunity

Medical experts remind people to have self-protection awareness, such as wearing a mask, pay attention to personal hygiene, not crowded places, wash their hands, strengthen physical exercise. Diet to eat more vinegar, can enhance the body, enhance immunity.

Jealous can enhance the resistance

Chinese medicine pay attention to the harmony of man and nature, but because of the fast pace of life of urban people, work pressure, entertainment, it is prone to physical decline, blood pH imbalance and other issues, to promote the body and nature of discordant factors, more and more Of the city people prematurely sub-health state. Chinese health experts Lai Junming that vinegar and health have a close relationship between milk and milk, can help the body to digest, add the body needs a variety of nutrients, drink vinegar drinks can adjust the body's acid-base balance, enhance human resistance. In the case of

In the diet, "less salt and more vinegar" is the traditional Chinese people's healthy diet, "jealous health" argument has long been circulating, whether experts and scholars or folk are to promote more jealous, jealous appetizers, sterilization, summer also There is refreshing, detoxification and other effects. Most people only use vinegar when the seasoning, in fact, you know, vinegar, there are many other features, master the little knowledge of these vinegar, allows you to have a higher quality of life.

The study found that vinegar contains an enzyme that can inhibit the synergistic effect of chrome and fungi. Vinegar with bran and well water and other raw materials, with rich copper and low cadmium characteristics, and more than 60 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine made of special chemical composition and biological effects, so that copper, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, cobalt and other trace Elements are highly enriched, and thus have the effect of cancer suppression.

Vinegar has the effect of lowering blood pressure, because it contains vitamin C and niacin can dilate blood vessels, promote cholesterol metabolism, enhance blood vessel elasticity and penetration. In addition, vinegar also enhance the role of renal function and diuretic.

Vinegar in the acetic acid, lactic acid, glycerol and aldehyde compounds, can make people's skin soft, dilate blood vessels, increase the skin's blood circulation, so that the skin smooth, play a role in anti-aging.

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