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Food Vinegar Health Effect Is Good
Aug 25, 2017

Food Vinegar Health effect is good

Daily vinegar health coup

One, [vinegar bubble soybeans] - good regulation of blood lipids

Will be washed soybeans to dry, and the old vinegar to 1: 2 ratio in the shade sealed soak 3 months or so. 10 eggs each morning vinegar, vinegar, a spoon of spoon, a spoon of honey, with 400 ml of cold water diluted after taking empty stomach.

Second, [vinegar bubble egg] - vinegar health effect is good

Take 180 ml of old vinegar into the big mouth bottle, and then put a clean raw eggs into the soaking. After 1 week, the eggshell is softened, leaving only a layer of thin skin. Pick up the thin skin, the egg white, egg yolk and old vinegar stir well, that is vinegar eggs. Take vinegar eggs 26 to 34 ml. Add appropriate amount of honey and 2 to 3 times the warm water and mix thoroughly can be taken. Morning fasting service, once a day. 1 vinegar eggs 7 days served, 30 to 45 days for a course of treatment. Vinegar can prevent arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, hypertension, myocardial infarction, bone hyperplasia, diabetes, rheumatism and insomnia embolism.

Three, [vinegar with tips]

1, insomnia - insomnia patients before going to bed cup of cold water, then add 1 spoonful of vinegar, drink it will soon fall asleep. Before going to sleep with warm old vinegar rubbing the soles of the feet, will make you easy to sleep.

2, sprain - to reconcile the flour and boiled paste, add the right amount of old vinegar, coated on paper or gauze, affixed to the affected area. After the dry, gently opened, and then for a piece. So repeatedly posted several times, that is able to eliminate the sprain at the burning sensation and pain. This method of bone and joint dislocation, falls and other injuries have a curative effect.

3, rhinitis - about 5 ml of the old vinegar into the capacity of 1000 ml of scrubber cleaning nose empty, 1 wash 2 times, can treat rhinitis.

4, feet Ma - 1 liter of old vinegar after heating into the bucket, and then immersed in two feet, each soaking for 20 minutes. So soaked 4 to 5 times, numbness symptoms can be lifted. hardening.

High quality vinegar features:

1. Vinegar color is brown or dark brown, white vinegar is colorless and transparent.

2. shiny, distributed aroma. Sour taste soft, long aftertaste.

3. Concentrated appropriate, no precipitation of suspended solids and moldy floating film.

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