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Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Method
Oct 13, 2017

Apple cider vinegar is a fermented liquid made from apple. It is rich in acetic acid and has been shown to improve certain health conditions. Drinking apple cider vinegar before dinner or an hour before bedtime can help reduce diabetes, risk heart disease and help you lose weight.

Drink apple vinegar to lose weight

Drink juice and apple cider vinegar before dinner. Pour 237 ml of grape juice and 2 tablespoons cider vinegar into a cup, then mix well.

You can choose to use other fruit juice instead of grape juice. Avoid sugary fruit cocktails with high sugar content, and choose fruit juice that is rich in vitamin C to increase health benefits.

The taste of apple cider vinegar is very heavy, so please choose the juice that can cover the taste.

The acetic acid in apple vinegar may help stimulate the protein that burns fat.

Drinking low-calorie liquids and water before meals can help you eat less.

Dip the dim sum into the apple cider vinegar to curb your appetite.

According to a 2005 study, bread dipped in vinegar, which is more than bread, can stave off hunger pangs


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