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Don't Make A Jealous Case!
Oct 25, 2017

Don't just flip the vinegar jar, because it's good to drink vinegar, and the trend of healthy eating vinegar is spreading! Vinegar is a common seasoning and can be used in medicine. Drinking vinegar has eight major health benefits, including promoting body metabolism, calcium supplementation and immunity, and other hidden benefits.

Drinking vinegar is a popular global health trend of sushi vinegar and plum vinegar

In the global popular agitation of health care vinegar into a fashion health drinks, all over the world, with all kinds of different vinegar drinks, the 10-year natural food research institute of his new book "the keeping in good health vinegar brew" mentioned, vinegar drinks all over the world, Japan is one of the most famous sushi vinegar, used for making sushi. Plum vinegar is made from plum seeds, used in vegetables such as seaweed, etc. There are also amino acid rich potato vinegar; As well as improving blood circulation, lowering blood lipid and lowering blood pressure, onion vinegar.

There are malt vinegar, which is made from malt, which is characterized by a strong lemon flavor, which is mainly used for pickled cucumbers and other vegetables, or as a sauce. In addition, contains amino acid, vitamin and mineral rich apple cider vinegar, can serve as condiment, and can dilute as beverage.

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