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Constipation Six Felony Nine Years To Get Rid Of
Nov 29, 2017

Usually constipation can bring six great harm to the human body:

Constipation of the anus bowel is difficult to defecate, directly cause or aggravate anal rectal disease, such as proctitis, anal fissure, hemorrhoids and so on.

Gastrointestinal nerve dysfunction constipation causes harmful substances to be absorbed. This can cause the gastrointestinal nervous dysfunction and the symptoms of anorexia, abdominal distension, and stoma.

Intestinal ulcer feces oppression lumen formation, stenosis lumen, pelvic structural barriers around, so that the colon to expand, cause or compression of the colon and rectum intestinal ulcer formation, serious still can cause bowel perforation.

It is easy to suffer from colon cancer because of constipation and cause the carcinogenic substance in the bowel to be able to be prevented for long time cannot be ruled out, it is very easy to cause the human body to develop colon cancer, the data shows, serious constipation person 10% suffers bowel cancer.

Induce heart cerebrovascular pathogenesis constipation constipation often can increase abdominal pressure vigorously, the screen is defecate. This can cause heart, cerebrovascular disease attack, such as angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, etc.

The metabolites that affect the brain function constipation are delayed in the digestive tract, producing a lot of harmful substances such as methane, phenol, ammonia and so on.

Some of these substances diffuse into the central nervous system, interfering with brain function, leading to memory loss, distraction, and mental retardation.

Studies have found that drinking more vitamin vinegar can improve gastrointestinal function and prevent constipation. And luoyang jiujiu wei he vinegar has this kind of health effect. Yang age d him vinegar rich in bifidogenic factors, has inhibition effect to harmful bacteria (e.g., coliform), the beneficial bacteria (such as bifidobacterium BIFIDUS, lactobacillus has the effect of promoting its rapid reproduction, such as long-term drinking not only can relax the bowels, detoxification, and can recuperate intestines and stomach.

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