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Constipation Has The Following Hazards (2)
Jan 15, 2018

1. Cause sexual dysfunction. Due to the prolonged exertion, the rectal fatigue, the anal contraction and the spasmodic contraction of the bottom of the pelvic cavity resulted in no ejaculation or decreased libido, and there was no orgasm during sex.

2. It is easy for women to experience dysmenorrhea, vaginal cramps, and urine retention, urinary tract infection. According to the study of physiologists, women have more constipation than men, and the female uterus presses the rectum in the pelvic cavity to increase the curvature of the rectum, which is slower than the male and prone to constipation. The pregnancy of the female is increased by the fetus, oppression rectum, easy to cause constipation;

3. Affect brain function. When constipation metabolites in the digestive tract, the role of the bacteria to produce a large amount of harmful substances, such as methane, hydroxybenzene, amine, indole, nitrite, these parts material into the central nervous system, interfere with the brain functions, outstanding performance is the ability to remember, attention, thinking slow;

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