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Classification Of Grape Vinegar
Jan 22, 2019

Classification of grape vinegar

Grape vinegar

Vinegar made from low-quality wines, slightly acidified wines or wines with an alcohol content of less than 8%. 

This grape vinegar has a very low alcohol content of only about 0.2-0.3% and a total acid content of 60 g/L (calculated as acetic acid).

Grape vinegar

Folding high quality grape vinegar

From high-quality wines, the ingredients include D. O. C and D. O. C. G-class premium wines. 

Usually this type of grape vinegar undergoes an aging process in a wooden barrel or stainless steel container. 

The residual amount of alcohol is generally between 0.5 and 1.0%, and the total acid is above about 7060 g/L (calculated as acetic acid).

Folded fragrant grape vinegar

From high-quality grape vinegar, natural aromatic grass wood plants such as tarragon, thyme, pepper, etc. 

are impregnated in high-quality grape vinegar.

Folded colorless grape vinegar

The grape vinegar which has been decolorized by grape vinegar is mainly used for processing kimchi, sauce and salad dressing.

Folded special grape vinegar

This grape vinegar is the most famous vinegar in grape vinegar. 

It is a traditional grape vinegar produced in Modena and Reggio. 

It is a kind of grape fermentation and acetic acid fermentation, and is concentrated by heating. Grape vinegar.

 It is made from grape juice in a series of wooden barrels and fermented over many years.

It is said that in the process of its production, it is necessary to replace the barrels year by year according to the vintage time of the brewing.

 The real Italian Balsamic grape vinegar is strictly controlled by Italian law. It can be called Balsamic grape vinegar if it can be brewed for at least 12 years. 

If it is more than 20 years, it is called "Stravecchio". "Balsamic" grape vinegar is the best grape vinegar in Italy. 

It is very sweet and sour, and it is the best in grape vinegar.

 The "Stravecchio" grape vinegar is a fine product.

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