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China's First Health Vinegar Ninety-nine Source
Mar 05, 2018

Three thousand years alchemist (the ancestor of my ancestors) wrote a long history of the Chinese nation. Enjoy the reputation of the ancient capital of the 13 dynasties Luoyang, occupy a unique geographical location, and ninety-nine source Vitasoy was born here. Nine nine health care products factory in 1990 to uphold the essence of Chinese medicine health culture of the motherland, the use of pure grain in western Henan millet, Heze spring water, combined with high-tech bio-engineering technology, carefully brewed access to China's patented product (Patent No .: ZL90102404X) Nine and nine age Vita anti-cancer vinegar and a series of green food. In 1996, according to the human and animal tests conducted by the Chinese Ministry of Health, it proved that the product has the miraculous effects of blocking nitrosamine synthesis and regulating blood lipids in humans. Approved by the Ministry of Health as the only health care vinegar in China {Batch number: Wei Jian Zi (96) No. 53}; in 2003 passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification; 2004 access to health food certification; 2005 by Mao Zedong health food culture Will be solemnly recommended, and become the only vice president level unit.

     With the advent of this source of anti-cancer anti-cancer and the miraculous effects of regulating blood lipids, it has received enthusiastic attention and support from the State Council, provincial and municipal leaders, relevant experts and celebrities. November 20, 1996, access to the National Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau "export food factory, warehouse registration certificate." Repeatedly exported to Japan, the United States, Southeast Asian countries and Hong Kong, Macao and other 87 countries and regions, loved by consumers all over the world. This product is suitable for people: all kinds of early cancer patients, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, hypertension, hypotension, constipation, colitis, waist and knee pain, fatty liver and acne and rough skin crowd.

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