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Balsamic Vinegar The Production Of Production
May 27, 2017

  Balsamic vinegar refers to the addition of aromatic substances in vinegar to make it into a rich flavor of acetic acid solution. [1] It is made of high quality glutinous rice through more than 20 processes. Its characteristics are: rich flavor, sweet and sour is not astringent, long-standing is not bad, for the seasoning to share, selling Chinese and foreign.

  Balsamic Vinegar Introduction of raw materials

Vinegar is a fermented sour liquid condiment, with starchy grain (sorghum, yellow rice, glutinous rice, indica rice, etc.) as the main material, rice bran, rice and other as accessories, after fermentation brewed. Vinegar in cooking as one of the main condiments to sour-based, and aromatic flavor, use a wider, is the main raw material of sweet and sour taste. It can go to the fishy greasy, increase the flavor and flavor, in the food heating process to reduce the loss of vitamin C, but also make cooking materials dissolved in calcium and conducive to human absorption.

Making guidance

Eat dumplings dipped in vinegar or eat vinegar more dishes should be timely mouthwash to protect the teeth;

When cooking, the best time to add vinegar is in the two, that is, after the raw materials into the pot immediately after the vinegar and dishes before the pot of vinegar, the first should be more, the second should be less;

Vinegar can be used for the need to go to fishy greasy raw materials, such as cooking aquatic products or belly, intestines, heart, etc., can eliminate stench and smell, some of the heavier raw materials can also be used in advance with vinegar impregnated;

Vinegar used to cook raw materials with bones, such as ribs, fish, etc., can make bone spine softening, promote bone minerals such as calcium, phosphorus dissolution, increase nutrients.

  Balsamic Vinegar Buy skills

Quality vinegar color was brown or brown (white vinegar as colorless clear liquid), clarified, no suspended solids and sediment, poor quality of the vinegar color is dark or shallow, turbid, deposited for some time there are sediment;

Quality vinegar with a strong vinegar, poor quality of the vinegar taste lighter; with a little vinegar dipped in a vinegar, the acidity is moderate, microstrip sweet, into the throat is not stimulating the quality of vinegar.

  Balsamic Vinegar Health effects

1. vinegar can be appetizers, promote saliva and gastric juice secretion, to help digestion and absorption, so that appetite, digestion plot;

2. Vinegar has a very good antibacterial and bactericidal effect, can effectively prevent intestinal diseases, influenza and respiratory diseases;

3. vinegar can soften blood vessels, lower cholesterol, cardiovascular and other cardiovascular patients is a recipe;

4. vinegar on the skin, hair can play a very good protective effect, the ancient Chinese medicine has vinegar medicine records, that it has germinal, beauty, blood pressure, weight loss effect;

5. vinegar can eliminate fatigue, promote sleep, and can reduce the motion sickness, seasickness discomfort symptoms;

6. vinegar can reduce the gastrointestinal tract and blood alcohol concentration, play the role of sobering;

7. Vinegar also make chicken bone, shark fin softening, promote the role of calcium absorption.

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