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Balsamic Vinegar Specialty Is
Aug 25, 2017

Balsamic Vinegar Specialty is

And vinegar is different from the raw material used in the vinegar is another grain - glutinous rice. In the country, the most famous balsamic vinegar, "acid and not astringent, fragrant and slightly sweet, color and flavor fresh", compared with the Shanxi vinegar, vinegar is the most important feature of a trace of Jiangnan breath of sweetness.

The history of the vinegar has many legends, some people say it is invented by the son of the wine St. Duka. In the tank wine tank in the water, after 21 days brewing, the cylinder will produce vinegar, and then chisel a hole, vinegar on a steady stream of flowing out. Dukang and his son will be this seasoning nectar to the neighbors to taste, Not long, far and near the neighborhoods have come to buy, this vinegar will be sold in the city, and spread the city, famous Quartet. Later people found that vinegar for a long time will not deteriorate, but the more storage, the taste more mellow. "Vinegar pendulum is not bad" has become a major feature of vinegar.

Balsamic vinegar is the characteristics of mixing cold plate, slippery vegetables, cooking fish, stewed ducks and ducks, can enhance the taste of incense, to fishy greasy, appetizers Sheng Jin. Because the taste slightly sweet, balsamic vinegar and Jiangsu and Zhejiang area of popular food dumplings is a perfect match. At present it is the season of crabs listed, eating crabs when dipped in ginger vinegar, but also the best choice of vinegar. Edible balsamic vinegar should be alkaline

Essential minerals, and food and water are closely related to a total of eight:

Potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur

After the first five into the human body, showing alkaline; after three, into the human body, showing acidic.

Lemon, orange, vinegar and other food, although the taste of the tongue will feel sour, but to the body is showing alkaline. This is because its organic acid is decomposed, leaving a lot of minerals, such as: potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, etc., but it showed alkaline reaction.

Generally speaking, most of the animal food, most of the cereals, some nuts, is acidic food. Vinegar is commonly used in daily life seasoning, it contains about 3% - 5% acetic acid, in addition to condiments, the vinegar there are many purposes:

1. boiled ribs, stewed bones or fish when adding some vinegar, not only the bones of calcium, phosphorus, iron and other dissolved in the soup to be absorbed by the body, but also to protect the food in the vitamin from damage.

2. burn potatoes or beef, add some vinegar, easy to bake.

3. The old hen's meat is not easy to boil, such as irrigation point vinegar and then kill, the meat is easy to boil rotten

4. Drink vinegar, can prevent dysentery and influenza.

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