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Balsamic Vinegar Note The Storage Time
Oct 10, 2017

Balsamic Vinegar Note the storage time

Three meals a day are inseparable from the spices, Xiaobian today to tell you some time to pay attention to what.

Of course the most important thing is health. Vinegar, Sauce, Soy Sauce is mainly caused by mold contamination and toxins. MSG should be in the age of the baby should not eat. Condiments should also be noted that they may be contaminated with toxic elements.

There is a place that is placed after the processing of condiments as long as no Kaifeng, in the packaging bag before the shelf life is safe. Kaifeng will pay attention to storage time, and a long time to easily degenerate. Balsamic vinegar can be said that vinegar in a higher quality of a vinegar, the current market, more varieties of old vinegar, some vinegar, although playing the old vinegar brand, but not necessarily the old balsamic vinegar. Berry vinegar brewing process from ancient times so far today, along with the vinegar manufacturers to understand the next bar together.

Step 1: steaming steam once every time, need at least two hours

The main raw material is sorghum, the choice of sorghum directly affect the quality of vinegar, therefore, sorghum need to use large grain full, the high rate of starch. After the selection of raw materials, the sorghum into the shredder broken.Then, with the auxiliary material Valley bran, and then sprinkled with water, into the steamer. Steam room there are two big pot, the two cauldron can steaming more than 1200 Every time you steam, it takes at least two hours.

Step 2: Fermentation of raw materials generally need to ferment more than ten days

Raw materials, steamed, need to be transferred from the steamer, spread out to cool. After cooling with Daqu, vinegar into the second step: fermentation. In the huge fermentation workshop, there are many rows of neat rows. These tanks are used to contain raw materials. During the fermentation period, the raw material will produce high temperature, self-fermentation, from the surface, kept rolling a bubble. Under normal circumstances, the raw materials need to ferment more than ten days. In the meantime, the vinegar master who kept turning raw materials to ensure that all the raw materials are fully exposed to oxygen.

Step 3: smoked baking raw materials to bake in the tank 9 days

After coming out of the fermentation workshop, the raw material will go through a transport pipe and enter the fumigation workshop. Smoked baking process, the most important role is to vinegar color. Smoked shop, a mouthful of large tanks are on the fire, the workshop temperature is very high, especially in the summer, the workers master here when the work is often sweating, very hard. Under normal circumstances, the raw materials in the tank smoked bake 9 days before entering the next process.

Step 4: water in the shower room time is generally one day

From the smoked workshop out, raw materials will enter the room. At this point, to the raw materials to join the boiled water, with the vinegar's jargon is "bubble into vinegar look sub-sub." The bottom of the raw material is a large sieve, the vinegar leaks from the sieve and is pumped into the pot. Chen Xiaowei said, this time with the fennel pot, pepper, aniseed, etc., can make different flavors of vinegar. These new vinegar in the room to stay time is generally one day.

Step 5: drying vinegar This is the last process

Just pour out the new vinegar, containing more water. In order to make the new vinegar rapid evaporation of water, but also the last process: vinegar. Drying vinegar workshop is the most concentrated vinegar workshop, most people go, often choke was blinded eyes. But in such a workshop to walk around, people suddenly feel Qiqiao psychic, both winter and summer, away from the cold. The old balsamic vinegar is 24 days from the start of the steaming to the brewing finish. After these five steps, then the vinegar for storage, the longer the storage time, vinegar, the more concentrated.

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