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Balsamic Vinegar Main Function
Jul 01, 2017

Balsamic Vinegar Main function

Main function editor

Health effects

Vinegar can be appetizers, promote saliva and gastric juice secretion, to help digestion and absorption, so that appetite strong, digestion plot;

Vinegar has a very good antibacterial and bactericidal effect, can effectively prevent intestinal diseases, influenza and respiratory diseases;

Vinegar can soften blood vessels, lower cholesterol, hypertension and other cardiovascular patients is a recipe;

Vinegar on the skin, hair can play a very good protective effect, the ancient Chinese medicine has vinegar medicine records, that it has germinal, beauty, blood pressure, weight loss effect;

Vinegar can eliminate fatigue, promote sleep, and can reduce the motion sickness, seasickness discomfort symptoms;

Vinegar can reduce the concentration of alcohol in the gastrointestinal tract and blood, play the role of sobering;

Vinegar also make chicken bone, shark fin softening, promote calcium absorption into the role.

Therapeutic effect

Vinegar taste bitter, warm, into the liver, stomach; have stasis, bleeding, detoxification, insecticidal effect;

Medication postpartum blood halo, jaundice, yellow sweat, vomiting blood, Nvxue, stool under the blood, genital itching, ulcer sore swollen, but also solution fish meat poison.

Deodorizing effect

A cup of vinegar in addition to the toilet odor: residential floor of the toilet, even if the rinse and then clean, and often leave a smell. As long as the toilet placed a small cup of vinegar, the smell will disappear. Because the smell is caused by the ammonia in the urine, put a cup of vinegar, acetic acid molecules and ammonia molecules chemical reaction, resulting in odorless substances, the smell will not exist. Its validity is six or seven days, can be changed once a week.

Beauty effect

Vinegar can be beauty, because the vinegar is rich in a variety of nutrients, a wealth of amino acids, a variety of carbohydrates, there are more organic acids and many inorganic and inorganic salts, nutrition is very rich. One of the lactic acid, amino acids, etc., the skin has a soft stimulating effect, can make blood vessels to expand, increase skin blood circulation, and can kill some of the skin bacteria, so that the skin smooth. Vinegar contained in amino acids, in addition to the body can promote excessive consumption of fat consumption, but also make the intake of sugar and protein and other ingredients smooth metabolism, which has a good weight loss. In addition, vinegar can inhibit and reduce the process of human aging in the formation of lipid peroxidation, reduce senile plaques. But if your skin is sensitive to the skin, need to be used with caution.

Beauty recipe

Here are a few recipes with vinegar beauty:

One, make the rough skin tender

Balsamic vinegar and honey 1-2 tablespoons, warm boiled water, 2 to 3 times a day, insist on taking good results.

Soap after washing, with a tablespoon of vinegar vinegar once a warm water, and then once again washed with water, skin effect.

5 layers of balsamic vinegar and 5 copies of glycerin, rubbed the skin. The skin will become moist and smooth.

Second, the skin pigmentation

Skin is too dark women, wash your face, take a bath when the water a little vinegar, long-term adherence to the skin will become white. When you wash your face, be careful not to let vinegar flow into your eyes.

Fresh soybeans 250 grams, soaked vinegar (to just immersion) whichever is half a month, every day vinegar 5 to 10 tablets of soybeans.

250 grams of barley, immersed in 500 ml of vinegar, sealed 10 days after the opening. Take a spoonful of vinegar every day.

Carrots, cucumber, cabbage, pumpkin, cabbage and other washed, put a little salt compaction, 6 hours later, put the vinegar salad meal. Often eat on the reduction of facial pigmentation effect.

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