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Balsamic Vinegar Help Digestion And Absorption
Aug 11, 2017

Balsamic Vinegar Help digestion and absorption

The taste of balsamic vinegar fragrant, is made of high quality glutinous rice through more than 20 processes. Its characteristics are: rich flavor, sweet and sour is not astringent, long-standing is not bad, for the seasoning to share, selling Chinese and foreign. Balsamic vinegar can be appetizers, promote saliva and gastric juice secretion, help digestion and absorption, so that appetite, digestion plot; have a good antibacterial and bactericidal effect, can effectively prevent intestinal diseases, influenza and respiratory diseases; Blood vessels, lower cholesterol, hypertension and other cardiovascular patients a recipe; balsamic vinegar on the skin, hair can play a very good protective effect, the ancient Chinese medicine has vinegar medicine records, that it has germinal, beauty, Antihypertensive effect; can eliminate fatigue, promote sleep, and can reduce the motion sickness, seasickness discomfort symptoms; also reduce the gastrointestinal tract and blood alcohol concentration, play the role of sobering; balsamic vinegar also make chicken , Shark fin softening, promote calcium absorption into the role.

  Vinegar is a high-quality glutinous rice as the main raw material, using a unique processing technology, after the wine, the system of grain, leaching vinegar and other three processes, about forty processes, before and after 50-60 days to brew out. Velvet vinegar to "acid and not astringent, fragrant and slightly sweet, color and flavor solution" and renowned Chinese and foreign. This vinegar has the "color, smell, taste, alcohol, thick" five characteristics, welcomed by the broad masses of people, balsamic vinegar to mix cold plate, slippery vegetables, cooking fish, stewed chicken and duck, can enhance flavor, Solution tired, appetizer Sheng Jin, indeed for the excellent spices. Was praised as "vinegar in the top grade." The production method is to glutinous rice by adding acetic acid bacteria, refined brewed made from. Vinegar is the most famous vinegar in the north of China. It is based on high-quality sorghum as the main raw material, by cooking, saccharification, alcohol and other process, and then to high temperature fast vinegar, warm fire baking vinegar grains and V-drying from aging. Vinegar color black and purple, liquid clear, sour rich, eat the soft cotton, mellow is not astringent. And not moldy, winter is not strong, more and more fragrant, long put not rot. Known as "the best in the world vinegar" reputation. Not only seasoning to share, but also for medicinal, high blood pressure, hepatitis, skin disease has a certain effect and prevention. Thick brown, liquid clear, vinegar mellow, with less precipitation, storage time is long, easy to degenerate and so on. Vinegar to sorghum as the main material. First add a lot of wine song, the use of low-temperature alcohol for fermentation, and then stir into the bran bran by acetic acid fermentation. Half of the grains of fermented grains for fermented grains, the other half of vinegar grains for vinegar, to get the vinegar and then soaked fermented grains, pouring new vinegar. New vinegar and then by the summer sun, winter ice ice long-term aging and enrichment process made.

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