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Balsamic Vinegar Have Their Purpose
Sep 26, 2017

Balsamic Vinegar Have their purpose

Brand vinegar for you to introduce more types of vinegar, each have their own use. Balsamic vinegar is very good, vinegar to "acid and not astringent, fragrant and slightly sweet, color and flavor solution" and renowned Chinese and foreign. With "color, smell, taste, alcohol, thick" five characteristics, welcomed by everyone, especially in the southern region to use the vinegar for the most. Brand Vinegar to tell you vinegar can be used to bring cold dishes, high acidity, color black and purple, liquid clear, sour rich, soft food, mellow is not astringent. And vinegar is not moldy, winter is not strong, more and more alcohol more fragrant, how long will not be spoiled. With a word to sum up, cooking, then with a good vinegar, salad with vinegar. Balsamic vinegar and vinegar each have their own characteristics and uses, whether it is on the diet or the application of life are more. The above is the brand of balsamic vinegar on the introduction of vinegar and vinegar different points.郿 Dahua Vinegar is made of high quality glutinous rice through the multi-channel process. Its characteristics include: fragrant, sweet and sour is not astringent, long-term storage is not bad, long storage time, for the seasoning to share, selling Chinese and foreign. In the purchase of the dock when the vinegar must pay attention to choose a large number of supermarkets to buy, to see the manufacturer, the production date and a series of marked, high quality vinegar color was brown or brown (white vinegar for colorless clarification liquid), clarify , No suspended solids and sediment, poor quality of the vinegar color is dark or shallow, turbid, deposited for some time there are sediment; high-quality vinegar with a strong vinegar, poor quality of the vinegar taste lighter; with a little dipped in chopsticks Vinegar entrance, moderate acidity, microstrip sweet, into the throat does not stimulate the quality of vinegar. So we must pay attention to the purchase of Dahua Velvet vinegar, hope that the above buying skills for everyone to be helpful. Vinegar has a unique geographical environment and unique superb brewing process. Balsamic vinegar is extremely sophisticated, the use of high-quality glutinous rice as the main raw material, the use of excellent acid and vinegar species, after solid stratification fermentation and wine, grain, leaching vinegar three processes, more than 40 processes, lasted more than 70 days refined Into, and then by 6-12 months of storage period, and then to the packaging factory. Widely circulated "Du Kang made wine vinegar" folklore, for the vinegar cast a magical color. Dukang, the ancient Chinese legend of the Xia Dynasty monarch, Si surname. Xia Wang phase of the son, the mother for the still (now Shandong Province Weishan County) people. According to folklore and historical records, Shaokang also known as Dukang, this white water county people, Xia Dynasty, is the fifth king of the Xia Dynasty. Dukang is the originator of Chinese food brewing, after the wine as the name. Cao Cao "short song" cloud - "generous when the generous, worry memorable. Why worry, only Dukang." Vinegar, renowned overseas. With "color, fragrance, acid, alcohol, thick" features, "acid and not astringent, fragrant and slightly sweet, color and flavor fresh", won several awards at home and abroad. The longer the storage time, the more the taste the more alcohol. This is because the vinegar has a unique geographical environment and unique craftsmanship.

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