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Balsamic Vinegar Brewed Vinegar
Jul 13, 2017

Balsamic Vinegar Brewed vinegar

We should have no stranger to the original pulp wine, in fact, the original vinegar and puree is a concept, as the name suggests: pure pulp is made directly from the brewing, do not add any material, not blending. And "pulp" means, refers to the thicker liquid. The original vinegar and ordinary vinegar is very different, the original vinegar vinegar brewing vinegar, there is no blending process, brewed directly after the vinegar, is the most perfect food vinegar state. The ordinary vinegar is made from the base vinegar and vinegar blending, in order to imitate the taste of vinegar and aroma will add some aromatic agents. But in any case blending, blending vinegar taste, aroma, quality and other aspects of the pulp and vinegar are a big gap. And the pulp vinegar on the human body irritation is small, after eating do not burn stomach, and blending vinegar because of the problem of vinegar, drink most will have a sense of excitement, and blending vinegar is vinegar and essence blending, while vinegar and pigment Contains heavy metal substances, the greater harm to the human body. So we must pay attention when buying vinegar, it is best to buy the original vinegar vinegar. Vinegar is a kind of vinegar, raw materials and pre-process also with the general vinegar, but after the aging process, such as the traditional "Xia Fu sun, winter ice" process. The vinegar contains less water, color thick, taste cotton, the quality of other vinegar is less than, and long-term storage, named vinegar, such as Shanxi vinegar and so on. Cooking dishes add some vinegar, not only make the dishes crisp and delicious, remove the smell of fishy smell, but also to protect the nutrients. But is taking certain drugs such as: sulfonamides, alkaline drugs, antibiotics, the solution of sweating Chinese medicine is not suitable for vinegar. Use of vinegar clear bowel detoxification, prevention and treatment of enteritis, dysentery as vinegar contains acetic acid, with the role of convergence, not only can inhibit bacterial growth, and even kill some of the bacteria in the food. Vinegar can change the living environment of dysentery bacilli, and kill it, the acidic environment can make garlic bactericidal function increased by 4 times, so vinegar and garlic combination, the treatment of dysentery, enteritis effect is more ideal. Vinegar peanut delicious not fat. Peanut with vinegar, not only good taste, but also to increase appetite, promote digestion, sterilization and other effects. Although the peanut is called "longevity fruit", but after all the high fat content, heat, and vinegar contained in the organic acid is just solution and fragrant, so vineyard soaked peanuts more than a week, every night to eat 7-10 tablets, adhere to take, can get blood pressure, soften blood vessels, reduce the effect of cholesterol accumulation. But it should be noted that the consumption of vinegar peanuts to moderate, up to a dozen grains, after eating must be timely mouthwash, or adverse health of the teeth.

China is a vinegar production and consumption of a large country, vinegar has a long history, many people have the habit of vinegar and hobbies. With the improvement of people's living standards and scientific research on the further analysis of the functional characteristics of vinegar, vinegar use more and more widely, the demand for vinegar and its derivatives is growing. The use of vinegar has not only confined to the traditional cooking, as a nutritional drink, health care products are increasingly being more and more people's preferences. China's vinegar industry has undergone great changes, the use of self-priming deep fermentation of the vinegar process marks the traditional vinegar industry into the industrial production. According to the research data research center show that vinegar production equipment in the independent research and development, application and other aspects of foreign countries compared with there is a big gap, but also shows that there is considerable room for development. Foreign technology in the promotion of the use of high-tech microelectronics technology, optoelectronic technology, vacuum technology, membrane separation technology, extrusion technology, microwave technology, ultra-fine grinding technology, supercritical extraction technology, ultra-high pressure sterilization technology, Sterilization technology, intelligent technology, these high-tech are conducive to promoting the modern development of vinegar industry. Therefore, the Chinese vinegar industry to the world can not be separated from a large number of food professional and technical talents and related technical personnel joint efforts.

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