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Austrian Apple Cider Vinegar (apple Vinegar)
Jan 22, 2019

Austrian apple cider vinegar (apple vinegar)

Austrian apple cider vinegar is vinegar produced from apples. 

The fermentation tank of this vinegar is also carried out in oak barrels. 

The fermentation period is generally five years. 

After the fermentation, 

apple juice and honey are usually added to adjust the taste.

Consumption levels in European countries

It is not difficult to see from the above that most of the main raw materials for vinegar in European countries come from fruits and vegetables. 

The method of consumption is mainly used for pickling, sauce, compound sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise and the like. 

The annual consumption of vinegar in Denmark, Belgium, 

Germany and France is mostly above 2L. 

The consumption level of vinegar in Italy is one of the lowest in Europe. 

The annual consumption level is only about 1L, 

but it shows a slow growth trend of 1% per year.

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