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Apple Cider Vinegar The Introduction Of The Characteristics
May 27, 2017

  Apple Cider Vinegar Here referred to the "vinegar" is not the kitchen of condiments, but refers to the apple juice by the fermentation of apple from the original vinegar, and then against the apple juice and other raw materials from the drinks. Apple vinegar against apple juice to make the taste of sweet and sweet in the acid, both digestion of the original vinegar vinegar flavor, but also with sweet fruit juice, drink very refreshing. The current market of high-temperature sterilization of apple vinegar does not have the effect of weight loss, experiments show that only the active persimmon vinegar can effectively prevent the accumulation of fat.

   Apple Cider Vinegar Apple raw vinegar is the use of secondary fermentation,

Secondary fermentation usually refers to the liquid fermentation, liquid fermentation of apple juice is concentrated apple juice or fresh apple juice as raw material, first fermented into high-purity cider, and then access to acetic acid bacteria, acetic acid fermentation, the alcohol metabolism For acetic acid. It is different from solid-state fermentation, solid-state fermentation is the initial processing of apple scrap, if the skin, fruit, fruit, fruit drop, first broken, and then stir into the bran, fermented alcohol and fermented acetic acid at the same time. Characteristics and role: apple vinegar has a good nutritional value, it is not only skin care, but also to hangover and liver protection, a cup of alcohol can inhibit the absorption of alcohol, drink a glass of hangover can be drunk. Men eat more apple cider vinegar, the same healthy health.

Fruity, sweet and sour soft, fresh and delicious, Qinren heart. No pigment and preservatives, rich in aspartic acid, serine, tryptophan and other human amino acid components required, as well as phosphorus, iron, zinc and other 10 kinds of minerals Vc content than Apple 10 times.

  Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar is a taste of acid, in the human body after the metabolism of alkaline drinks, it has and fish, meat, eggs, rice, flour and other acidic food function, and is conducive to its preservation of various nutrients and Promote the absorption of calcium. Most of the acidic foods contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium, manganese, zinc and other metal elements, such as apples, tomatoes, although the entrance has sour, but these organic acids in the body decomposed into carbon dioxide and a variety of acidic salt and alkali Sex, can effectively improve the body's acidic body, so that the body was weak alkaline. Alkaline body of the crowd than the acidic body of the virus to the virus more powerful immunity.

  Apple Cider Vinegar Pectin is conducive to the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, beneficial bacteria can produce essential nutrients, such as vitamin B family (vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, pantothenic acid), vitamin K2 and so on. Pectin can promote the excretion of fat, steroids and bile, increase the excretion of steroids is conducive to reducing the prevalence of sex-related cancer. Pectin can slow down the intestinal absorption of sugar, lipid, control blood sugar. Pectin intake into the body of water swelling, the volume can be increased to 10 times the original, easy to produce a sense of satiety, and delay the emptying of the stomach can be effective in preventing obesity and weight loss. Pectin and other cellulose is different, it will not affect the body of calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and other trace elements absorption. Pectin can absorb food in the lead, nickel, cobalt and other heavy metal ions, and can not be digested by digestive juice, it can effectively remove the body of toxins.

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