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Apple Cider Vinegar Fermentation Method
Sep 26, 2017

Apple Cider Vinegar Fermentation method

Apple vinegar diet to lose weight by fermentation

What is apple cider vinegar?

Here referred to the "vinegar" is not the kitchen of condiments, but refers to the apple juice by the fermentation of apple from the original vinegar, and then against the apple juice and other raw materials from the drinks. Apple vinegar against apple juice to make the taste of sweet and sweet with acid, both digestion of the original vinegar vinegar flavor, but also with sweet fruit juice, drink very refreshing. Apple vinegar can health care, improve fatigue, beauty beauty.

Apple vinegar fermentation methods: the second fermentation of apple vinegar refers to the apple vinegar is the use of secondary fermentation, the secondary fermentation usually refers to the liquid fermentation, liquid fermentation of apple juice is concentrated apple juice or Fresh apple juice as raw material, first fermented into high-purity cider, and then access to acetic acid bacteria, acetic acid fermentation, the alcohol metabolism of acetic acid. Different from the solid-state fermentation, solid-state fermentation is the initial processing of apple scrap, if the skin, fruit, fruit, fruit drop, first broken, and then stir into the bran, fermented alcohol and fermented acetic acid at the same time.

Apple vinegar diet principle

Apple cider vinegar is said to be able to lose weight, is due to the fermentation of apple pectin, and this pectin can help reduce fat content. Apple vinegar weight loss contains "fruit acid" with 3000-8000 million fruit acid molecules, do not enter the blood, not through the liver metabolism, directly on the human body wall, and food with the fat group tightly combined to completely prevent fat , Polysaccharide and other macromolecules absorption, which can quickly lose weight. This process not only cut off the fat supply, and induced fat to accelerate the dispersion, to promote blood lipids, fat tissue in the rapid decomposition of fat discharged. And fruit acid into the intestinal cell membrane mesh adsorbent, to prevent the absorption of Oita material, the recovery of membrane mesh, fat no new supplement, and consumption, two-way effect, the rapid consumption of natural, so that the waist, abdomen, buttocks, thigh fat Decreasing day by day.

Experts Comments apple cider vinegar diet

Experts believe that apple cider vinegar does have a certain weight loss effect, but the effect is not obvious, it is to reduce the weight loss mechanism of food in the stomach can be extended to the time of gastric emptying time, which can effectively ease the fluctuations in postprandial blood glucose. We all know that if the blood sugar fluctuations are relatively large, then the blood is to release a lot of insulin to regulate blood sugar, and insulin is the main role is to promote the synthesis and storage of fat, while inhibiting the decomposition of fat oxidation, which has a certain weight loss.

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