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Aged Vinegar Weight Loss Effect
Sep 05, 2017

Aged Vinegar Weight loss effect

Vinegar can be appetizers, to help digestion and absorption, digestion plot; sterilization: vinegar has a very good antibacterial and bactericidal effect, can effectively prevent intestinal diseases, influenza and respiratory diseases; Qudue lipid lowering: vinegar can soften blood vessels, Cholesterol, is a high blood pressure and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients a recipe; vinegar can also beauty skin care: vinegar on the skin, hair can play a very good protective effect, the ancient Chinese medicine has vinegar medicine records, that it has So that the vinegar can reduce the fatigue and promote the sleep, and can reduce the motion sickness, seasickness discomfort symptoms; hangover: vinegar can reduce the gastrointestinal tract and blood alcohol concentration, from the concentration of alcohol, To the role of sobering; vinegar and chicken bone, fish and other bone spurs softening, and promote the role of calcium absorption; vinegar can enhance the role of renal function; improve sleep quality: the role of vinegar can also treat insomnia - Cold water, then add a spoonful of vinegar, drink it will soon fall asleep. Before going to sleep with warm old vinegar rubbing the soles of the feet, will make you easy to sleep. Vinegar can treat rhinitis - about 5 ml of the old vinegar into the capacity of 1000 ml of the scrubber to clean the nostrils, 1 wash 2 times, can treat rhinitis; strong gluten Zhuanggu: vinegar effect can treat sprain - - to reconcile the flour and cook into a paste, add the right amount of old vinegar, coated on paper or gauze, affixed to the affected area. After the dry, gently opened, and then a piece. So repeatedly posted several times, that is able to eliminate the sprain at the burning sensation and pain. This method of bone and joint dislocation, falls and other trauma and so have a curative effect.

Old vinegar manufacturers of raw materials, including sorghum: sorghum as the main raw material. Require quality must pass, the size should be uniform, with starch content of 64% or more. Barley, peas: the production of old vinegar used in the song, tied to barley, peas in proportion to step into the red heart song. Water: water is an important raw material for brewing old vinegar. Old vinegar manufacturers of vinegar, the main component of more than 80% of water, water quality is good or bad on the quality of the old vinegar, not only affect the vinegar in the process of microbial growth and reproduction, affecting the fermentation, but also directly affect the taste of vinegar Valley bran: is the main ingredients brewing old vinegar. Mixed with saccharification and fermentation of good mash, so that loose, circulation of air, promote acetic acid fermentation. Salt, spices: accessories. Salt add vinegar grains, from the stop of the role of vinegar; add a small amount of spices to increase the flavor of vinegar. The above is the old vinegar manufacturers on the introduction of vinegar raw materials.

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