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Aged Vinegar Vinegar And Health
Jul 13, 2017

Aged Vinegar Vinegar and health

Vinegar and health

 Into the 21st century, science and technology with each passing day, material rich, high-speed, high-speed rail in all directions, people living from food and clothing to a well-off, people living time and space shortened, people feel the fruits of reform and opening up at the same time while facing the primary Concerned about the problem - health, longevity. According to the World Health Organization published the "2012 World Health Statistics" data show that China's cardiovascular disease (heart disease, stroke) morbidity and mortality has been on the rise, the national cardiovascular disease patients about 230 million people, each year Died of cardiovascular disease of about 300 million people, the average death rate of cardiovascular disease per hour 340 people, almost every death of 3 people there is a cardiovascular disease. Even more disturbing is that, according to forecasts, by 2020 our annual number of deaths due to cardiovascular disease may reach 4 million. Affect the health of the elderly in the disease than cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease has become the world's largest killer, resulting in more and more people around the premature death, because health awareness is poor, do not pay attention to normal health, only focus on medical investment The In other words: premature death is not died of disease, but died of ignorance.

       There was no obvious symptoms in the early stage of cardiovascular disease, and postoperative complications - stroke The cause of cardiovascular disease is mainly due to work pressure, eating insecure, bad habits, lack of exercise, resulting in the body hardening of the arteries, congestion, poor blood flow, there are "three high" symptoms.

       How to prevent cardiovascular disease become a thing of the people. In fact, cardiovascular disease can be done by strengthening the exercise, reasonable diet prevention. As we all know, vinegar can soften blood vessels, reduce blood concentration, prevent hardening of the blood vessels, blocking, can effectively prevent the "three high" symptoms.

       Ming Li Shizhen "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, there are dozens of vinegar, only rice vinegar by two to three years of aging can be used as medicine, the other only for food, not medicine. Rice vinegar with carbuncle swollen, Ruanjian Sanjie, under the gas digestion, killing fish and other effects of meat and other food. The original national sports training director leap Shi Duo that "vinegar is the body of the blood scavenger, acid and alkali balance of the regulator, but also the skin of the Taoist"; Chinese health experts Guo Junlu that "rice is often eat medicine, medicine is not often Eat rice, vinegar is often eat the medicine, it is often eat rice "; Xiangxi folk" one day do not eat sour, walking slam wear, two days do not eat sour, go out Mo climbing mountain "that can be seen Xiangxi minority The dependence of the food culture. Since ancient times, vinegar health care has been widely recognized.

       Vinegar can soften blood vessels, but not all of the vinegar has health care effect, only natural fermented rice vinegar have the effect, with acetic acid blending vinegar and abuse of additives (preservatives, pigments, salt, flavor) vinegar not only health care The effect, but also harmful to the human body. The use of high-quality organic rice by more than two years of natural fermentation, with "no added preservatives, do not add flavor, do not add pigment, do not add salt, do not add glacial acetic acid, do not add song" features, is authentic original ecological products, Vinegar in the treasures. Unique liquid brewing process, color red brown, subversion of the traditional color of vinegar, the traditional process of production of vinegar in the Qing Dynasty in 1797 became the court tribute, has been two hundred years of history. This vinegar is not vinegar, the world is unique, this vinegar is the only domestic vinegar industry through organic certification of the product. This production technology by the identification of scientific and technological achievements in Hunan Province, the overall domestic leader in the product to fill the gaps.

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