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Aged Vinegar Traditional Brewing Methods
Sep 15, 2017

Aged Vinegar Traditional brewing methods

History proves that human beings follow the laws of nature are living a healthy life. Return to nature, anti-rustic, is the trend of human life. Today's time is to give us vinegar people's heaven-sent opportunity, then how do we build a bigger Chinese market and how to create a global market, which is our behalf of the vinegar's responsibility.

We must resolutely abandon those similar to the "milk powder incident" illegal practices, the real "Chinese vinegar" conscience conscience to bear the traditional brewing methods, standardize the operation, green production, so that more green, safe Chinese grain vinegar, promote Human life is rich, healthy health!

Modern health concept

As early as 1992, the "Victoria Declaration" at the International Symposium on Heart Health warned that in developing countries, hundreds of millions of people began to take high-risk lifestyles, which would bring many disasters! "Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, overwork death" and other diseases frequently knocked on the door of modern life.

Why now our living standards are getting higher and higher, but our physique is getting worse? Why our economy continues to develop, the level of medical care is constantly improving, all kinds of new drugs emerge in an endless stream, but the disease is still more and more? Not only is more, and more prominent is like high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood sugar, cancer and obesity and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients were young trend. What caused it? Where is the root? The answer is: acidic! All this is derived from the body's acid-base imbalance, physical acidification to. International Nobel laureate Professor Lei Weng pointed out: the human body is modern "the source of all diseases" originated in the weak alkaline environment, so the human body fluid is weak alkaline, PH value is 7.4. In addition, from the medical and biochemical point of view, the body's acidity is determined by a body acid-base balance buffer system. The body in the normal process of metabolism, continue to produce acidic substances and alkaline substances, but also from the daily diet of acidic substances and alkaline substances, acidic substances and alkaline substances in the human body constantly changing, this change must rely on the body's regulatory function Maintain a relative balance. This balance is acid-base balance, the balance of the PH value of 7.35-7.45. If the PH value of the human body is higher than 7.45 or below 7.35, the patient will develop a lesion. So the body needs acid-base balance to maintain the health of life.

Although the body itself can mediate acid-base balance, but as people grow with age, the body automatically mediate the function of gradual degradation, coupled with the human life is now good, high intake of protein, high fat and more, and less exercise, so Resulting in the gradual imbalance of acid and alkali. We eat too much in our daily lives, eat too much, causing a "disease from the mouth." It is because of unscientific eating habits, resulting in life "killer" raging, the State Health Ministry chief health education expert Professor Zhao Lin in the "human health and acid-base balance" seminar pointed out: "We are not knowing the modern people do not know Feel swallowed into the modern civilization, with their own teeth in the manufacture of graves.

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