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Aged Vinegar Application Of Diet
Oct 18, 2017

Aged Vinegar Application of diet

In our country folk, known as "constipation with vinegar, more than medicine countless" like the saying goes, this is undoubtedly the life experience of the people talk. Modern scientific research shows that the old vinegar is rich in amino acids and certain enzymes, as well as a variety of unsaturated fatty acids. Taking old vinegar can promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce blood lipids, and some toxins, to maintain the intestinal environment of the ecological flora balance.

Clean bowel detoxification morning to drink vinegar to lose weight

Application of therapeutic treatment of habitual constipation, not only effective, and no side effects. Such as in the meal of the soup in the sixty-seven drops of old vinegar, will make the soup taste delicious, but also cure, and stick to it, constipation will gradually escape the ills. If the condition of constipation has a long time, you can empty stomach every morning, an old vinegar, and then drink a cup of cold water, take a week later, will receive a certain effect.

Clever use of vinegar can purse detoxification, prevention and treatment of enteritis, dysentery and other diseases. As vinegar contains acetic acid, so it has to maintain the role of body-acid balance, so that vinegar can not only inhibit the breeding of bacteria, and even kill some of the bacteria in the food. Vinegar can change the living environment of dysentery bacilli alkaline, kill it, while the acidic environment can make garlic bactericidal function increased by 4 times, so vinegar and garlic combination, the treatment of dysentery, enteritis effect is more ideal.

 High quality vinegar features:

1. Vinegar color is brown or dark brown, white vinegar is colorless and transparent.

2. shiny, distributed aroma. Sour soft, long aftertaste.

3. The appropriate concentration, no precipitation of suspended solids and mold floating film.

Characteristics of poor quality vinegar:

Color pale, black, no fragrance, taste thin, in addition to sour there are obvious bitter taste, there are precipitation or suspended matter. Fake vinegar: glacial acetic acid watered, the appearance of light color, open bottle of acid gas red eyes, no fragrance, taste thin, in addition to sour there are obvious bitter taste, often precipitation or suspended matter. [Vine with Tips]

1, insomnia - insomnia patients before going to bed cup of cold water, then add 1 spoonful of vinegar, drink it will soon fall asleep. Before going to bed with warm old vinegar rubbing the soles of the feet, will make you easy to sleep.

2, sprain - to reconcile the flour and boiled paste, add the right amount of old vinegar, coated on paper or gauze, affixed to the affected area. After the dry, gently opened, and then for a piece. So repeatedly posted several times, that is able to eliminate the sprain at the burning sensation and pain. This method of bone and joint dislocation, falls and other trauma and so have a curative effect.

3, rhinitis - about 5 ml of the old vinegar into the capacity of 1000 ml of the washing machine to clean the nose, 1 wash 2 times, can treat rhinitis.

4, feet Ma - 1 liter of old vinegar heated into the bucket, and then immersed in two feet, each time soaked for 20 minutes. So soaked 4 to 5 times, numbness symptoms can be lifted. hardening.

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