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99 Vinegar Party
Dec 20, 2017

Composition: 99 vinegar 20--30 ml.

Method: if you are not used to drinking vinegar, warm water or honey.

Indications: adapt to various constipation.

Usage: take it before bed at night.

99 vinegar egg solution

Composition: fresh egg 1, 99 vinegar 150-180 ml, honey or sugar in moderation.

Method: after clean the eggs into the jar, glass or ceramic container, pour vinegar closed for 48 hours, soften the shell, with only a thin leather bag with long expansion of eggs, unsealed, use chopsticks to skin prick, eggs will be beaten egg white and yolk, vinegar, and then take in 24 hours.

Indications: applicable to all kinds of constipation. Elderly patients with gastric ulcer, excessive acid and low blood pressure.

Usage: take 5-7 days, 1 times daily (about 26-30ml), and take it on an empty stomach early in the morning. Add warm water 2-3 times when taken, add proper amount of honey and stir well. The soft egg can be eaten one time.

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