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Why colitis treatment advantage of traditional therapies? (two)
Feb 28, 2018

 In order to solve this long-standing problem of the medical community, Nanyang Institute of Nutrition and Disease has jointly developed a diet with Professor Chen Pingping, a nutritionist at Zhengzhou University and a professor at South China University of Technology, Professor Zheng Jianxian, a well-known domestic expert on dietary fiber Fiber Nutrient No. 2, the main ingredient of which is fructooligosaccharides (imported from inulin), isomaltooligosaccharide, corn fiber (imported from Japan), konjac fiber, xanthan gum and honey, are the best foods of Bifidobacterium And nourishment, it does not participate in the body's metabolism, is not absorbed by the stomach but directly to the colon site, giving bifidobacteria provide food and nutrition to multiply and expand rapidly, attached to the wall of the intestine was originally its hometown, forming a beautiful Defensive barrier, the use of magic properties of bifidus factor in the intestine to form a special protective film so that harmful bacteria can not be attached to the colon surface, improve the intestinal pH to maintain the dynamic equilibrium of beneficial microorganisms in the colon site from the fundamental Eliminate and curb the regeneration of inflammation, and thus cure colitis.

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