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What is the brewing method of sherry vinegar?
Feb 11, 2019

What is the brewing method of sherry vinegar?

There is a vinegar between the ordinary wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar, 

which is a Spanish sherry vinegar aged in a multi-layered barrel. 

The raw material for this vinegar is the lighter sherry, which has no residual sugar. 

Like sherry and balsamic vinegar, 

sherry vinegar mixes a few batches of older base wines and then matures in a series of half full barrels for years or decades.

 When brewing sherry vinegar,

 it will increase the concentration by evaporation and allow the wine vinegar to be exposed to microorganisms and wood for a long time. 

Therefore, the content of sweet and fragrant amino acids,

 organic acids and viscous glycerin are high. 

The old-fashioned multi-layer barrel aging process can increase the acetic acid concentration to 10% or higher. 

The color and sweetness of Spanish sherry vinegar are not as strong as balsamic vinegar, 

but the flavor and nutty flavor are significantly stronger than other wine vinegars.

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